For Kids

Welcome to my new page! This is for kids who can't wait for their puppies to go home. You will find some fun facts about Goldendoodles, interesting stories about our puppies...and of course some cute pictures of recent and previous puppies. Have fun end enjoy!


 Puppies are born with their eyes closed? It takes about a week for their eyes to open. 


New born puppies could use a $1 bill as a blanket, that's how tiny they are when they are born. Hard to believe that our almost 70 lb boys started like that a few years ago. 


A new born puppy is about 6 inches long. He can easily fit in my hands:)


...and about a year later

Can dogs swim? Yes! Dogs can swim.  But as I found out on a hot summer day they need to learn to swim, just like humans. The difference is that they can actually pick it up much faster. Many dogs know how to swim the first time they even step foot into a pool or other body of water. It wasn't the case with our goldendoodle boy. ( I will tell you the story soon)


How many new words can you make of the letters of the word "Goldendoodle"? 
I have made 5 new words so far, and I think I can do more....
I have 9 new words, using the letters :
                       G O L D E N D O O D L E 


Believe it or not it's not that easy to find names for our puppies. Especially if you have more than one to name:)
At the same time it is a lot of fun. We spend a lot of time to get some ideas before our puppies are born. And since we are getting ready for our next litter I thought I will share the fun and let you name our puppies ( one of them might be yours)! 
This is how it works: if you have any ideas, please send me an email
( with your suggestions, your name and age (optional), and if we like it you will see the name on the "Available" page when the puppies are born. 

Thank you! I've got some really cool name ideas. 

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