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Early Education / potty trainig goldendoodles

Potty training is one of the most important part of raising a puppy. Doesn't matter if it's a goldendoodle or other kind . There is a long list of why you need to potty train your puppy as soosn as possible. I have a few bad memories, related to the subject. Maybe you have a funny one and you want to share with us. I have one too, I will write about it tomorrow.

Since I believe in early education, I had to try to educate my goldendoodle puppies too. It's never too early. Our babies are 4 weeks old and I have already introduced the 'potty pad' to them. I need to be there to help them find it, guide them, but it seems that after a few days, more and more of them do their businesses on the pad. Don't get me wrong, I still have a lot to clean....

As far as the older puppies, They are 7 weeks old, also goldendoodles, I have put a potty box in their place and again, after a few days almost everybody is using it. Sometimes they can't make it, because, just like kids, they play and forget that they need to go:)

My goal is to make it easier for the new families. They still need to do their job, be consistant, help these little guys, be patient with them, keeping in mind that they still will have accidents once in a while,but hopefully not a lot.

I am really hoping that these goldendoodle puppies will be good for their new families and be potty trained quickly.

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