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New friends, old memories

Jordy and my son. The first day together.

It is priceless to be there, when families come and see their new family member the first time. Sometimes it is emotional, even with tears, because these little ones remind them of someone special they had lost. I can relate to that feeling since we had to go through that a few years ago.

It started as a regular day, almost fathers day, but ended unexpectedly...There was a car, a dog on the other side of the road and no one could stop him....we rushed to the vet, but it was too late...I will never forget that moment, so helpless, couldn't move or speak or even was even worse, when we had to tell my son...We were in shock for days. The house seemed empty, quiet, we missed him so much. I remember, my son kept asking me " When does this pain go away?" It broke my heart. We could hardly make it. No words to describe that feeling.

And then we found Charlie. He needed us, we needed him. We helped out each other. We knew that he won't be Jordy, nobody can replace him, but we became friends, we developed a strong relationship. We love him, we have a special connection. But we will never forget about our first goldendoodle love, our first goldendoodle family member, 'dog brother', Jordy.

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