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Why to choose us?

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

If you go through my blog you will find some stories about my son and our very first Goldendoodle, and our next one....well, since then he grew up, almost in high school. He still cares about his dog brothers, our puppies, the people who come to pick up their new family members. My son loves reading, writing and was very happy that I let him tell his opinion here, on my blog:

"Why to choose us?

Because we’re available for a call or text message at any time, and we pride ourselves on always being quick to respond. Whether it’s a question about our puppies or payment for a puppy, we are always fast to respond to any of your needs ( well, it's my Mom). But availability is just the tip of the iceberg.

Flexibility is yet another cause of us being so popular! We try everything to make this process exciting for you and your family from the beginning to the end.

The safety of your future puppy and its parents always come first. We do regular vet checkups on all of our dogs, (parents and puppies alike) and take responsibility in giving our puppies neurological stimulation (for a calmer, less stressed dog) and deworming (to kill any parasites or bacteria that makes them sick.)

We also make sure that they are well up to date on their vaccinations, and begin potty training at a very early age. In order for our mothers to live healthily, we have found them loving guardian homes to stay in until it is time to breed. After breeding the mom goes back to her guardian until it is time to give birth, where she comes to our house once again. The guardian program was started to provide dogs with forever homes, while still allowing us to breed them. We saw this as the hugely better alternative to selling them once they were done breeding, as we think that loving families are vital to a good life.

This leads us to the number one reason you should choose us. We are family owned and family operated, allowing us to really care for each and every puppy we nurture. And love really is what makes our uppies wonderful."

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