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Available Puppies


Looking for the perfect summer companion? Look no further than our summer puppies! We have 2 litters planned this year, and regardless of size or gender, the price is $1800. With our easy waitlist process and a $200 deposit, you can guarantee a spot tp bring home your new best friend. 

One litter will be medium size, the other will be standard. Please let me know what size are you interested in when you fill out the application form. Thank you

What does F2b mean?

The Second Generation backcross Goldendoodle (F2b) is produced by crossing an F1 Goldendoodle (Dad) with an F1B Goldendoodle-Mom. 

  • F2B Goldendoodle = F1 Goldendoodle X F1B Goldendoodle: 62.5% Poodle - 37.5% Golden Retriever.

This generation has a good success rate for non-shedding compared to the F1 and F2 Generations. This generation can work for families with moderate to severe allergies. Many families want an F2b goldendoodle puppy, because they can have a little more Golden Retriever in look and temperament, than F1B puppies ( F1b goldendoodles have 25% golden retriever genes). Most are low to non-shedders. 

GoldendoodleReds. Lighter or darker. 

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