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Adoption Day at GoldendoodleReds

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 After you choose the gender and color from the litter you like, you will fill out the Puppy Application. It gives us the necessary information we need to select the right goldendoodle puppy for you.

After you submitted the Puppy Application, you are NOT being put on the waiting list or required to put down a $200 partial deposit. Only after approval (and the partial deposit of $200 is received) will you be added to a waiting list. The rest of the deposit $200) will be due when the puppies are born.

After clicking on the "Submit Button," you  will be sent a Confirmation email with the information you submitted. We will reply to your application within 24 business hours. If the above items do not happen, please e-mail us. After approval, you may pay your deposit via PayPal (deposits are non refundable).
Deposits can be made through  

For the safety of our puppies, we don’t allow visitors to view or interact with them before they have been vaccinated and ready to go to their new homes. 
We regret having to limit visitors however, there are many contagious and deadly diseases and illnesses that can be carried in very easily and unknowingly by people.   We feel responsible to the families that have reserved puppies with us to protect their puppies, as well as our adult dogs.
Instead, from the moment the puppies are born you will receive lots of pictures, videos, notes about them by text messages. This allows us to get to know each other more and more through this process. I will help you with ideas, from my experience. At one point, when we get closer to pick up day, I will send out emails about important things to think about and do before you get your puppy. Lots of families find it very helpful and useful, either because they have children, or because they have never had dogs before.... 

It is best for the puppies to stay with the litter until 8 weeks of age. We schedule puppy pick-up as close to 8 weeks as possible.
This date is very important.  Make time for this new family member. As soon as I give you this date, mark your calendar.  Plan vacations accordingly.  If this date does not work, let us know as soon as possible, so we can work something out. Please keep in mind that I can only keep your goldendoodle puppy for just a few extra days - with no extra charge.  It's not fair to the puppy to be left here alone with no other siblings or their new family.  They need to begin training and you loving them.  If your pick up date is a problem you will have to move to the next litter.


About the BIG DAY:

Adoption Day at Goldendoodle Reds is usually  a Saturday, eight weeks after the puppies are born. If you have reserved a puppy, please block out the entire weekend to avoid any conflicting activities or commitments.


The date for each litter is indicated on my Available page. You will also find pictures and reports of the puppies' development.


Adoption appointments are scheduled for one hour each, beginning with the first reservation on the list. At your scheduled appointment, you will have your choice of the remaining puppies in the litter ( following your previous choices of gender and color). Sorry, we do not ship puppies, but we will deliver your puppy, or meet you part of the way, for $1 a mile if it helps.


Please be on time for your appointment. We can be somewhat flexible, but If you miss it, I will move to the next family on the list. 


Please be flexible in your expectations. Puppies will grow up to be somewhere between the size of their mother and their father, not necessarily an average of the two. Relative size as of Adoption Day is not always an accurate indicator of final adult size. Each litter will also provide a choice of colors within a range as indicated on my Available page.


Failure to Adopt

If puppies remain available but you decide you don’t want one, you may place your name on the list for the next available litter, or you may decline altogether. Deposits are non-refundable in either circumstance, since if you fail to adopt a reserved puppy, I will have to make special, last-minute arrangements to find the puppy a new home. If you decide to place your name on the list for the next available litter, you must adopt a puppy from that litter or abandon your deposit. You may not defer your purchase more than once.



The balance of the purchase price, will be due on Adoption Day. This final payment must be cash only. No exceptions. 


Puppy Contract

The Puppy Contract includes the terms of purchase and your  (one year)health warranty. We will each retain a copy.


What to bring with You

When you come to pick up your puppy, bring the following things for the drive home, especially if it’s more than 15 minutes:


  • Crate with padded bottom, unless a passenger is prepared to hold the puppy during the drive

  • Towels for cuddling and comforting the puppy

  • Leash ( we will provide a leash)

  • Doggy bags

  • Paper towels and spray cleaner (just in case)




With your puppy and Puppy Contract you will receive:


  • A gallon bag of puppy chow to continue your puppy’s current diet (the brand will be listed on the Puppies & Prices pages so you can stock up before Adoption Day)

  • A small blanket and a soft toy with the scent of your puppy’s litter mates

  • Your puppy’s first collar and leash

  • An Adoption Kit including instructions to help you continue your puppy’s socialization; a reminder about your first vet visit and further vaccinations; tips on food and nutrition, housetraining, toys and exercise, and puppy training; and a list of helpful resources, Your Adoption Kit will also include:

  • Record of your puppy’s parentage

  • Documentation of your puppy’s vet visit(s) and vaccinations to date, including a certificate of veterinary inspection

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