Our Guardian Program

We strongly believe in keeping our dogs family raised. Because of this, we do not operate as a kennel. In our desire to have all of our breeding dogs living in a home as part of a loving family, we have chosen to make it available for other families to be part of this process with us. 

Guardian homes are meant to be permanent, so the dogs don't need to go through a re-homing process after they retire from the breeding program. We want all of our dogs to grow up and live in a loving home. 

You will get a puppy free of charge and some compensations after every litter. We will start working with them when they are about one year old and after they retire, the full ownership will be transferred to the Guardians. 

Even though we are not looking for new guardians at the moment please contact us if you think you would be a good fit.

We are planning to add a new female to our breeding program, most likely around the summer or fall of 2021. 

Please read through the requirements of being a guardian home. This program is not for everyone.

-Prefer you live within 1 hour of our home, but will consider up to 2 hours.

-We require that you own your own home and have a safe fenced in yard.

-Must have experience with dogs.

-Agree to take basic obedience.

-Agree to keep the dog out of contact with intact male dogs.

-Agree to travel and have the dog available for breeding.

-Guardian puppies required to be an indoor family member.

-Agree to maintain regular veterinarian appointments

-Provide the dog with regular exercise and socialization.

Do you think you could be a good guardian? Please email or text us. 

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