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Goldendoodle, but what color, what size?

Finally, everybody is on board that we should have a dog. It's getting even more exciting to look up pictures, read about them...they are so cute.We want a goldendoodle. Which one should we get? What color? What size? There are so many shades of red in the goldendoodle breed.

As far as the color I always wanted darker red.. Now I say, it does not matter. You might not believe me, but it's true. Our first Goldendoodle was dark red, but he changed his color somewhat throgh the months. His color got even more georgous. When we lost him, I didn't want the same color...Right now we have his son, who is also red, but different shade and I think his color is changing too. I find it really unique, exciting.

And Charlie! He is a goldendoodle too. He has a different red color with light red highlights in it....we just call it red frost. I love his color.

His babies range from dark red to a lighter color, every one of them is different. They have different color inside and out. Different color hair, different color in their personalities. Which one would I get? I would probably go with personality, because when you see them, you will find their color just gourgeous. And guess what? Most likey you will get a bonus, a surprise, because their color might change somewhat too. And I am sure that you will like it.

Well, it seems that I used up my time and didn't even have a chance to get to the size. I will do that tomorrow.

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