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No proof, but true

I just want to brag about our puppies. As a big believer of early education (started with my students, later with my son), I believe that puppies can be trained earlier than we think. It starts on a different level, with different understanding, but it is working. These puppies were about 6 weeks old when they started to understand "sit down". By now ( 8 weeks), they are doing it so well, almost every time. It doesn't mean we are done, still have to practise, but I believe that it will be easier later.

And here comes the bragging part:)

Today, when I was playing with them, practicing their commands I started to roll the ball and Sky brought it back several times, then sat down, waiting for the next roll, sat down again.....wasn't even distracted by her siblings who were playing around her. That was awesome. I didn't wait until she gets tired of the game, I just picked her up, hugs and kisses....more hugs and kisses.

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