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Puppy behavior

They are about 6-7 weeks old when I can start to see differences in our puppies reaction, behavior. That's when their personality start showing. Just like with kids, even though they come from the same family, with the same father and mother, they are different. We have Natasha for example in our younger litter, who is just very gentle, very quiet. Even when she is playing she is never rough. I can imagine her as a therapy dog who would never be too excited to forget about her job:) Not like her brother. He is loud when he is playing and loves to run aournd and play tag with his siblings, they like it or not. And Luke, who thinks that he is the boss of the older group, or Trixie who is going to be the first singing dog:) She is really trying to talk in a funny singing voice:)

I love sitting and watching them how they interact with each other. How they solve their conflict over a toy or food.....How different is their reaction to my voice. Some of them would sit down and listen, while others would not even hear me, because they are so busy with their toy or activities. But no matter what, I know that these golden doodle puppies are very intelligent dogs and they have great potential.

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