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Puppy Playtime

It is very interesting to see how these goldendoodle babies grow. Week 7-8 they are learning how to play without hurting each other with there teeth. Even though goldendoodles have a pretty thick coat, they still can feel each others teeth:)This is an important part of their development. This way your goldendoodle will learn how to be gentle with people. When puppies go home too early they miss this social lesson on how to play. That's the reason that we want to keep our goldendoodle puppies Itwith each other until they are 7-8 weeks old.

Our goldendoodle puppies' favorite sport is wrestling and "bowling" (I roll the ball and they try to catch it . Whoever is first gets to play with the ball.) They also love hide and seek. It s a lots of fun to watch them play.

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