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Raising a happy Goldendoodle, Part I

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

 Bilingual Goldendoodles:)

There are many ways, believes how to raise a puppy, what is best for them, and I believe that there are many ways to go and be successful. The reason is, that we are different, our personalities, our temperament, family dynamics. Puppies are like little kids (not only Goldendoodles), absorbing everything around them. They might not understand the word we say to them or to each other, but the way it sounds ( loud or quiet, soft or harsh) affect them in some ways. If you take extra attention to the change in their behavior in everyday situations you will notice how they react when you are happy and laughing or when you are upset or angry. You don't even have to raise your voice and they will know that something is going on. That's why they are great therapy dogs ( I might write about it later).

I love talking to them, explaining everything and they would listen, and I believe that they understand. Our dogs ( we have two Goldendoodles, males, they live with us) actually bilingual dogs just like my son and myself. Our primary language is English, and they have learned some key words already like "go outside, play, balls, catch, dinner, breakfast, crate up...." which is great, but sometimes they get very excited for nothing: we might use the "key words" accidentally, but not because we are really planning to go Outside:) It is kind of funny that we can't even tell a story or talk about things and they just line up by the door or get their balls.

So, to avoid this confusion we started to use our second language to be safe. It worked for a while, but guess what. One day we realized that they know what we are talking about in our "secret" language! It was very funny, really cool, but as far as confusion, we had to find out something else. At this moment we are trying to do our "sign language" or just describe the action, but we are also thinking to choose a new language they can actually learn with us.

I will keep you posted how it is going with the third language:)

If you have any good stories you want to share about this subject please send it to me ( and if it's ok with you I will put it up here and share with others.

Thank you

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