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One of the most important things is to socialize your puppy. Why is puppy socialization so important? If your puppy is well socialized, it means that you will have a well behaved and relaxed dog. It means that she will be comfortable in different situations. This includes scenarios involving strangers, children, sudden noises and thunder. I wished that my first dog had been better socialized. Even though she was a great dog, she was scared of thunderstorms and she didn't like new people. It was always a struggle to make her comfortable when we had a party, not to talk about when she heard the incoming storm's noises. (The only good thing about it, was that I never had to watch the weather forecast)

It is so much more different with our puppies. To prevent behavioral issues in the future, we start our Early Neurological Stimulation as early as day 3. These short little exercises help them to cope with stressful situations later in their lives. That's their first step towards socialization. When they go home with their families the process needs to go on. Think about it as a never ending learning process.

There are different methods of puppy socialization: at home, in classes, or puppy playdates. Socializing your new dog also requires more than meeting new people or dogs.

They need to be exposed to new sights, new sounds, and textures. We do the first steps of introducing them to different noises since the very beginning including: the hair dryer, vacuum, loud toys, TV, radio, even my son plays his violin in their room. In our curriculum we have something new every day. They not only learn to tolerate sounds, experience different textures by using the sense of touch.

You can go on with this after you take her home, it's actually fun for both parties.

But it is very important to be careful with outdoor activities before your puppy is fully vaccinated. I always suggest the new parents to talk to their vet. Even before they get fully vaccinated you can go for a walk- Just hold her in your arms. You can meet new people and dogs this way, but you need to avoid physical contact. They will love it; It being great bonding time. You can go for a car ride too- they like everything new!

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